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Finding Your Creative Voice

Words, they are incredibly powerful. With a couple of words, you can make someone smile or move them to anger. Words can bring someone to tears or make them feel overwhelming love. When you were a child, funny words could make you laugh to the point that milk could come out of your nose! Words can evoke endless emotions and have even brought nations to war.

As a lover of the outdoors, I am always trying to find ways to creatively share my experiences. Photography is a common medium and can be very effective but even the best photos fall short. Have you ever taken photos of a stunning sunset and when you look at them later find yourself a little underwhelmed? It reminds you of the experience but doesn’t quite capture the full essence of it.

Exploring this further brought me from photography and blogging to painting, using a pallet of watercolours to try and replicate how I’ve felt on a particular day and in a particular spot. This has been effective for me on top of it being incredibly relaxing and a fulfilling past time over the last few years.

More recently, my interest has turned to poetry, attempting to utilize words instead of paint to create an image, to elicit a feeling.

Combining writing with my photography has been fun too, these two mediums seem to support each other.

In the end, the method seems less important than the intent; exploring ways to express yourself creatively. It’s a way to capture and relive those favourite memories from your times in nature and to share your gifts with others, should you choose to.

Everyone is different, but we all have creative talents. The magic is in exploring and discovering these and developing the ones that bring us joy.

Explore, create and enjoy!

See you on the trails.

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