Enjoying Summer from the Dundas Peak

July 14, 2018

When one thinks of hiking destinations in Dundas, the Peak always ends up near the top of the list. With its breathtaking views, this trail is definitely a local favourite and for good reason.


The Spencer Gorge Wilderness Area is part of the Niagara Escarpment, declared by the United Nations (UNESCO) as a World Biosphere Reserve. This unique geological formation contains a few of Hamilton’s best waterfalls, one of its best lookouts, and hundreds of species of wildlife living in this Carolinian forest.

The most common route to get here is to park at Tews Falls Conservation Area which is located on Harvest Road in Greensville. From there the well marked trail takes you to two different look-out points that provide views of the spectacular 134 feet tall (41 metres) waterfall and then proceeds along the gorge perimeter.



This trail although well groomed is right on the edge of the gorge and at times the drop off beside it is shear. It is important to stay alert and watch your footing. At various points where the trail has narrowed there have been protective barriers placed to aid in hiker safety. The views into the gorge below continually change and are amazing.


The view that greets you when you arrive at the peak is nothing short of spectacular with the Spencer Gorge on full display and the town of Dundas below. Consider visiting in the fall as well as the Autumn colours from this view are always excellent.


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